News Mar 22, 2024

Building A Sustainable Future Green Skills and Emerging Technologies Take Centre Stage At IEG Event

Inspire Education Group (IEG) connected green skills educators and leading employers from the construction industry to spotlight the critical intersection of green skills and emerging technologies in the context of local skill enhancement.

The event provided a pivotal platform for stakeholders and industry experts to share insights and explore innovative solutions to bridge the gap between education and industry demands, ultimately cultivating partnerships aimed at driving tangible impact on tackling the challenges of tomorrow’s construction landscape and local skills improvement. The agenda featured representatives from IEG, including CEO Rachel Nichols and Assistant Principal Gary McPartland, who talked about IEG’s commitment to green skills training, such as introducing decarbonisation, electric vehicle technologies, and retrofit into our curriculum.

Emma Hall from the Retrofit Academy (a partnership developed alongside Lincoln College and Cambridge College) and Dee Miller, Retrofit Tutor at IEG, discussed the crucial role of green skills in driving sustainability and the importance of training for a greener future. This was followed by Digital Technologists Gary Lewis and Tony Warner, who showcased some of the most innovative technologies currently being used in the classroom, such as Vertalis walls, Immersive rooms, and AI.

The event was made possible thanks to an injection of funding from the Local Skills Improvement Fund (LSIF), which has allowed IEG to develop and deliver new curriculum content, enabling students to access new trades associated with low carbon technology. It is anticipated that the new courses and equipment will support over 200 students by March 2025 and more into the future beyond the project. The provision will also meet the demand for low carbon technology-trained students to access job opportunities identified by employers.

Additionally, the LSIF funding allows IEG to empower its staff to develop and deliver new digital curriculum content, supporting student learning using new digital technology. Students will continue to acquire digital skills increasingly desired within the workplace, improving their chances of employment in an ever-changing digital world.

Following the presentations, attendees embarked on a tour of the South Lincolnshire Group Training Association (SLGTA) schools’ event – a fantastic example of how low carbon skills training is being introduced to future workforces considering entering into the construction curriculum.

The event concluded at the site for the College’s new Centre for Green Technology, the latest build to the Peterborough College estate. The forthcoming Centre for Green Technology is poised to become a hub for green skills training, encompassing vital areas such as decarbonisation, electric vehicle (EV) technologies, and retrofit. This initiative ensures that students are adept in both conventional methodologies and cutting-edge technological advancements, aligning perfectly with the evolving demands of the job market.

The realisation of the Green Centre for Technology has been made possible through collaborative funding efforts. The Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Combined Authority has allocated £2.471 million via the Transforming Cities Fund, supplemented by £400,000 from the Local Growth Fund. Furthermore, Peterborough City Council has contributed a £1.9 million package through the Towns Fund. The event was a fantastic opportunity to highlight the importance of collaboration between educators, employers, and funding bodies to bridge the gap between education and industry needs. This collaborative effort, supported by funding from the Local Skills Improvement Fund, the Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Combined Authority, the Local Growth Fund, and Peterborough City Council, ensures that IEG’s students are not only prepared for the jobs of today but are also at the forefront of shaping a sustainable future for the construction industry. By working together, we can ensure a skilled and sustainable workforce for generations to come.

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