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Pioneering New T Level Qualifications at Inspire Education Group to Support Evolving Industry

Inspire Education Group (IEG), consisting of Stamford College and Peterborough College, is proudly pioneering 13 new T Level qualifications designed in collaboration with leading local employers including the NHS, Anglian Water, McCain UK, and Allison Homes.

These partnerships reflect a shared commitment to innovation and staying abreast of industry trends ensuring IEG is bridging the gap between classroom and industry, and training students with the skills businesses across our region need.

In total, the group will be offering an additional 13 T Level qualifications in 26 pathways to the current subjects already on offer, in subject areas that reflect key business growth areas such as digital skills, engineering and manufacturing and health and social care.

IEG has demonstrated that its commitment to student success extends beyond the classroom. Through active engagement with local Employer Boards, they facilitate meaningful dialogue and collaboration between academia and industry, ensuring that their curriculum remains responsive to the evolving needs of the job market.

Gary McPartland, Assistant Principal for Curriculum, said, “Many local businesses including local nurseries, the NHS, and engineering companies are embracing T Levels as a great way to bring in new ideas and the latest skills, and a new way to find, nurture and secure young talent”.

Codem Composites, based in Orton Southgate, are a technology business firmly embedded in the rapidly expanding carbon fibre component manufacture market. Their work in Formula One gives them the privilege of working with companies such as Racing Point Force India, Mercedes, and Haas, and they are hugely encouraged by the opportunities T Levels bring to students, employers and the industry.

They added, CODEM Composites’ collaboration with IEG is an excellent strategic partnership. We understand that providing opportunities for growth and development to students and the wider composite community is vital for the continued success and expansion of our company and the industry. We have found that T Levels aid us in finding solutions for entry-level skill shortages whilst developing future talent.

While we strive to cultivate and grow the next generation of engineers, students are a key part of this initiative therefore we are committed to helping young people as they take their initial steps into the workforce. Being a member of the employer boards enables us to share years of our expertise in composite engineering and tailor it to the demands of the students. It’s a rewarding and enlightening experience that fulfils the needs of everyone involved.”

As an aspiring teacher, Lottie chose the T Level in Education and Childcare route to gain valuable industry experience, undertaking a placement at the Acorn Childcare Centre in Stamford. “The work experience element will help to prepare me for my future career. I want to become a teacher in the future, and this feels like the right path for me. The learning environment at College is great and the teaching pace is perfect for me”.

Ashton Hoskins, who aspires to be a Paramedic, chose to enrol on a T Level in Adult Nursing at College and is looking forward to applying practical knowledge in his future career. His work placement is at the Kingfisher Centre. “I’m looking forward to becoming a Paramedic in the future and this course will help me get there. I’m really looking forward to the practicals this year and learning new things about healthcare!”

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