News Nov 25, 2023

Inspire Education Group Engages at CITB Employers Event Showcasing Retrofit Academy and Skills Bootcamp Initiatives

Inspire Education Group (IEG) were pleased to support the recent CITB (Construction Industry Training Board) Employers Event seizing the opportunity to highlight our Retrofit Academy and promote our comprehensive retrofit range of courses. The event hosted in collaboration with CITB and the Greater Lincolnshire Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP), also served as a platform to advocate for Skills Bootcamps.

Working in partnership with the Retrofit Academy, IEG showcased the opportunities available to address the pressing need for skilled professionals in the field of retrofitting. The partnership stands as a beacon for training and upskilling individuals in sustainable construction practices, particularly focusing on retrofitting existing structures for energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

The event also provided an ideal setting for Greater Lincolnshire LEP to highlight Skills Bootcamps, a Government initiative emphasising the importance of upskilling and reskilling the workforce in alignment with industry demands.

Commenting on their engagement at the CITB Employers Event, Dee Miller, Retrofit Lecturer at Inspire Education Group, shared, “Our participation in this event signifies our commitment to bridging the skills gap within the construction sector. We are delighted to collaborate with CITB and Greater Lincolnshire LEP to showcase our Retrofit Academy and explore ways to incorporate Skills Bootcamps into our educational framework.”

The collaborative effort between Inspire Education Group, CITB, and Greater Lincolnshire LEP underscores a collective commitment to addressing industry challenges and fostering a skilled workforce that meets the evolving needs of the construction sector. By advocating for skills development through initiatives like the Retrofit Academy and Skills Bootcamps, the parties involved aim to equip individuals with the expertise necessary to drive sustainable change within the construction industry.

The event served as an ideal opportunity to share knowledge, foster partnerships, and initiate dialogues crucial to shaping the future of construction education and workforce development. As Inspire Education Group continues to work on bridging the gap between education and industry demands, events like these have enormous potential to help shape future workforces to ensure they are equipped to tackle the challenges of tomorrow’s construction landscape.

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