News Feb 9, 2024

Local Employers Collaborate with Inspire Education Group Peterborough and Stamford College for T Level Placements and Curriculum Design

Today, the Inspire Education Group Peterborough and Stamford College Employer Boards convened at Peterborough College to engage in pivotal discussions regarding T Level placements, curriculum design, and higher education (HE) progress support. The meeting provided a platform for local and regional Early Years employers to interface directly with educational stakeholders, fostering collaboration and synergy between academia and industry.

A primary focus of the gathering was the exploration of T Level placements, a cornerstone of the educational experience aimed at providing students with real-world, hands-on learning opportunities. Employers enthusiastically participated in discussions on optimising these placements to ensure alignment with industry needs and student skill development.

Furthermore, the meeting provided an invaluable opportunity for employers to contribute insights into curriculum design, ensuring that educational programs remain dynamic and relevant to the demands of the evolving job market. By leveraging the expertise of industry leaders, Inspire Education Group aims to tailor its offerings to equip students with the competencies and knowledge essential for success in their chosen fields.

One highlight of the event was the participation of our Early Years T Levels students Molly, Julia, and Lily, who shared their first-hand experiences with employers. Their insights provided invaluable perspectives on the effectiveness of their current T Level program. They underscored the importance of bridging the gap between classroom learning and practical application in the workplace.

In a call to action directed at Early Years Employers, Inspire Education Group highlighted the abundance of talented Early Years students within its ranks, poised and ready for industry placements and pipeline recruitment opportunities. The College emphasised its commitment to supporting businesses in the Early Years Sector by providing a steady stream of skilled professionals who are prepared to contribute meaningfully from day one.

Overall, the Employer Boards meeting served as a testament to the power of collaboration between Inspire Education Groups and industry stakeholders in shaping the future workforce. Inspire Education Group Peterborough and Stamford College continue to enrich the educational experience and empower students to thrive in an ever-changing global economy by fostering strong partnerships and dialogue.

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